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Family Law Courts

September 11th, 2013 — Family

Family law is very specialized and requires the expertise of a Family Law lawyer in order to understand the various laws and regulations governing it.   The courts address family law issues such as:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Child custody and access
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Support
  • Division or equalization of family property
  • Treatment of the matrimonial home
  • Enforcement of support payments
  • Child protection applications
  • Adoptions

Family law matters can be dealt with in three different courts:  the Family Court of the Super Court of Justice for some communities and in others, the Ontario Court of Justice or the Superior Court of Justice.

The Ontario Court of Justice, the Superior Court of Justice or the Family Court branch of the Superior Court of Justice deals with family law matters in Ontario.  There are seventeen (17) Family Court of the Superior Court of Justice locations in Ontario (Barrie, Bracebridge, Brockville, Cobourg, Cornwall, Hamilton, Kingston, L’Original, Lindsay, London, Napanee, Newmarket, Oshawa/Whitby, Ottawa, Perth, Peterborough and St. Catharines).

The Superior Court of Justice deals with the following disputes: divorce, custody & access, support and division of your family property

The Ontario Court of Justice deals with family law disputes that fall under most Ontario legislation including child and spousal support, issues relating to custody or access of your children (without seeking a divorce), adoption and child protection applications

Many people also avoid going to court by trying to resolve the issues between them through private mediation or arbitration with lawyers certified to conduct such arbitration. Arbitration s quicker, less expensive, and provides greater flexibility of process and procedure.

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