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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Will

September 4th, 2013 — Will & Estate

Top Ten Reasons Why You Need a Will  

Surprisingly, many people do not have a will.  Here’s a list of the top ten reason why you need a will:

1)  Appointing an executor:  A will allows you to appoint an executor who is responsible for carrying out the intentions in your will.  You can appoint an individual (or individuals) that you trust so that you can feel comfortable that your assets will be handled as you wish as opposed to leaving this to the government.

2)  Guardianship/Trustee for your children:  A will allows you to address the issue of guardianship or a trustee for your children so you have peace of mine in the event anything should happen to you (and your spouse), the legal guardians.  Once again, this avoids leavings your children in a precarious situation of being at the mercy of the government.

3)  Funeral Arrangements:  You can plan your funeral arrangements so that your family does not have to deal with this burden when they are already grieving.  They aren’t left confused and burdened with whether you wanted a burial or cremation.

4)  Funerals Costs:  You don’t leave your family with the burden of the costs to pay for your funeral.

5)  Personal Care directives:  You can also address health care directives in your will which outline what medical interventions you would like on certain conditions in the event you are unable to communicate.  This issue is also often addressed in a power of attorney for personal care which Jane Harvey law firm can help you with.

6)  Division of Physical Assets:  Important personal items such as paintings and jewellery can also be addressed avoiding any family friction as to who gets what.

7)  Property Assets:  A will permits you to address how your property will be distributed or divided amongst your heirs especially if you own more than one property.

8)  Education/Tuition:  A will allows you to set aside certain funds for tuition/education for your children before your assets are distributed.

9)  Naming Beneficiaries:  With a will, your assets are distributed to the people you want them to go to and not left up to the government to decide.  It’s a very complicated process for your spouse and loved ones to get their hands on your assets without a will.

10)  Charities:   You can leave certain dispositions of money to a charity of your choice.

At Jane Harvey Lawyers, we can help you with your will at a very affordable price.  Contact us now to get started.